Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beauty on Duty

Beauty On Duty, i'm COMING

Before i watching this,i also worried its gonna be another lousy lame Hongkong comedy again.
Since there are quite a number of these lameass movies with Louis Koo and Ronald Cheng in it!

this movie is definitely recommended.
If you are having a really stressed out time,this is the best medicine for ya!

Watch it if you are :
Stressed out because all your friends wants to watch Clash Of the Titans.

Dont watch it if you are :
Disliking Ah Sa for her recent secret marriage and divorce before we even knew shit!

My -ratings:8.5 /10

eah!!.....after we watching the movie
Chris and i have quarrel and a big wrangle
until i non stop crying

i dont want to say it out
and everytimes he promise me a lot of things but he didnt seriously to achieve!

i sleep at 4am and i wake up 8am....Damn tired!

hey.... that alls! BYE

Sin: Orangeee

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