Monday, August 9, 2010

Enjoy it~Yihoo

The Pikom PC fair 2010 is back~

One other reason to get excited,beside the best Pc prices and deals
ISsss the PC Babbbbes.

This time i went KLCC with komay and chris.
In previous year PC fair, i saw some new stuff and many PC babes. :)
After the PC babes start posing
some cameraman also start snapping the pretty pictures.

Isurely will buy at least something that i wish .
As usual, big crowds of people at this fair.=o=

Finally,i had bought a Samsung external hard disk 500GB

A wireless USB adapter and a red cool- cooling pad
and also a mini red speakers for my mini notebies.

Here some random pictures

Hard disk~

MINI Speaker

After that,we went to konikuniya book store.

Went home at 9pm and just feel tired for today.

Actually i has many more thought that gone through my mind and keep thinking these and that.
The most worry thing that i am thinking was my academic.
Sometimes i just feel like giving up my life but when my friend gives some motivational advice
I stopped that thought but i don't know when will this thought coming back again.

Enjoy the Weekends but i hate Weekdays especially Monday.