Friday, November 13, 2009

2012!!! MUST WATCH!!

Yesterday watched 2012 at Pavillion .My Biie come KL and we watched this movie together.Arrived there around 1pm, quick quick go take the tickets. Then go the Pavillion food junction eat somethings..Yum~Yum~, waited another 45 min in the hall before the show starts.....

Here some sypnosis of the movie (from nuffnang site):

According to the Mayan calendar, the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012. When a global cataclysm thrusts the world into chaos, divorced writer and father Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) uses his knowledge of the ancient prophecies to ensure that the human race is not completely wiped out.

My summary on this movie:

You will never regret it, watch it in the cinema not SS2 pirate DVD. For me, this movie had crawled 1st spot in Disaster Movie category, overtake Armageddon(1998).

This movie don't have boring or not interesting scene.Biie say every scene is very "GAN JIONG"..even from starting.. For me, even Megan Fox's cleavage cannot par with this movie.. HAHAHA...

Don't worry, i not gonna spoilt ur movie by story out the interesting scene in this movie .... Wait no more...go watch it.

My overall rating: 9.5 /10

p/s: The movie ended around 5pm. After that go with My Biie to find the MAGIC I.we also go visited sinyee at NIKE shop(she works there) then we back home around 10pm sleep around 130am..WAH...but WORTH it...

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