Friday, November 13, 2009

My Dear Birthday

A meaningful day for me and for biie too. Today is My Biie 19 years old birthday.
This is the 3rd times i celebrate birthday with biie and i hope that i can celebrate the following years with he.
I believed that we will be last and forever..=)

We just celebrate in a very very simple and very normal way.
Woke up early around 10am(usually 12pm) with a raining day and quickly went for a shower.
After make-up then biie'dad bring us go TF market
buy some food ingredients. Biie and i take anythings we want and put into the basket.
Hehe.. after pay we straight go home.. Yeah~

I need to do somethings for this memorable day..
So yeah, im the chef for the dinner! Surprise?
Sweet sour chicken,tomato prawn, Salad fried dough sticks,Cabbage chowder,fried nugget and fried hotdog.All this all was my Biie lovely food.
Before cooking for the dinner,i need help xiao pi(bii'puppy) take a showers. She dislike showers and keeps bark.
After that, i start cooking and finally I forgot to capture all the foods.. Grrr...
Just leave the nuggets that i havent fried it and just got this photo only. Grrr....

Biie invited all his lion dance' close friends wan chen,ah di,ah bing,siang,calvin,kit come to his house and have fun. For Biie,this also is the time to witness the miracle of the moment- MAGIC. Hehe^o^
I got recorded his magic...Got many small mistake inside.
If free,u all can drop some comment...Thanks..
Its'time to sleep but Wan chen,ah
di and ah kit didnt back home and sleep together with us. Wao.. Hehe...
Good night to u all and Happy Birthday to my lovely Biie..
Love u!!!

U all can drop some comment...

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