Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good trip

Finally i just came back from Johor. This trip i had go many place even just a few days .Actually the purpose of this trip is to my cousin's wedding and held at Parit Jawa,Muar.
We go Johor by train. When reached there it was already 9pm, my uncle come and fetch us to Muar. My uncle driving speed at 120km/h so we arrived at at Parit Jawa after 2hour and half xD .They wanted have a supper after reached.After that,we went back to rent house and sleeping.
We were all supposed to wake up at 8.00am and set off to Batu Pahat at 10.30am. Uncle wanted bring us go a place. Errrmmm.. i dont know the name of that place and i just know that place got a little bit like Pulau Kukup,Pontian. But the different is that place have many temple to bai bai. hehe~Actually not bad,scenery quite nice. Many Singaporean came here to get luck and wish next day can win lottery( i think)..hehe =)
A big pineapple and super big Turtle!
Guang Yin Ma!!! Pray~~~~
Side face of Guang Yin Ma!
This picture is considered nice?izit?!
Nice wood house~~

Boundless sea??

After that,we headed back to Parit Jawa,Muar to the wedding. heehe.. I sit with my cousin-Wan Ning,the bride' sister.We non stop chit chat. All dishes are very rich in but some dishes i dislike to eat even i know is very delicious.
Me...Capture at toilet.. hehe
My dad back side
The groom very dark like me too..hehe
黑金黑金..越看越入心~~( hokkian speak)
Cheese.. Bride and Wan Ning.. Blur blur@@

woke up at 6.30am and get packed before we set off back to Pahang. Uncle again,come fetched us go eat breakfast before we took the train. Uncle is vegetarian.. So,we just follow he. I eat laksa(Pahang' mee curry) but Ipoh people and also Johor people call it LAKSA. SWT!! I also dont know why.. Reached home at 5pm.

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