Monday, December 7, 2009

Stay up all night were well worth

Yesterday helped my biie make and edit his magic video again.==
Started from midnight until morning leh!!!! Almost 4 hours ++ i sin finished done it... Actually not very difficult. The big problem is my laptop just formated last month and unlucky some of my movie editing program was lost. *Ciu*
So,need download again some of the program and converter.*Sigh*
After done already 6.10am. We chit chat a while and waiting the time to buy NAsi Lemak.*Hungggrrry*(The shop opened at 7am). While i bought the nasi lemak,Biie bring Xiao Pi and Picollo Xiao Wei(new puppy) go "exercise". hehe...
After that, i continue sleeping.ZzzZzz

Here got many small mistake inside. This magic need pratice a long time and not so easy can do it. Its need SPEED and ACCURATE. Hope those of you who watch this video will like it even not very wonderful ! *smile widely*

If free,u all can drop some comment...Thanks.
" Grazie" ...Thank you at Italy that i learned yesterday....
Tata =)

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