Sunday, January 8, 2012

Never stop shopping

Haaaloooaaaaaahhweiiiiiihhh :))))

Just finished shoooooping at Viva Mall with my housemate Mandy :)) I'm wonder how Mr Chin's expression when reading this post. xD

He :" OMG, shopping again, my wallet is going to be empty. Haiiih, how much you spend this time ?? "
( OS that created by orange )

Actually i plan to buy a comfortable pillow since i can't slept well last few days but we suddenly noticed the branded sales inside the Viva Expo Hall and we very unexpected bought this, skin vitals mask :))

hahahaha xD

And then , i bought this Gingko pillow for myself that cost me 39.95 bucks after discount 50%. I hope this can lead to better sleep because gingko helps in blood circulation and improve my stupid brain. hahahaha :))

With this awesome pillow , surely have a sweet dream tonight :)

This week, i'm committing to myself :

☺ focus on own thoughts and and tune out the distractions
☺ get up early not allow myself to feel rushed
☺ eat mindfully and not in front of lappie!!!
☺ do everything without complaining or arguing

Good Luck to myself , night peeps :)

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