Sunday, January 8, 2012

How i'm blessed

My heart suddenly infested by a demon. Suddenly, i embrace loneliness. Suddenly , i wish i have a shoulder to rely on. All things was so suddenly !!!!!

Haiiiihhh. Y.Y

I'm a little scare about my future, yet i look forward to something happen. Right now, i totally need some courage to rein my memory in and propping up the dawn sky!!!!

I'm waiting for my Shepherd !!

GOD with all my heart!! Did you all see the Jesus inside the red circle ??
I saw this picture from facebook, maybe it's just being edited by photoshop, but i totally believe that it's miracles.

God is always there and looking at us, protect us, helps us, no matter what religion or race you are. God will see you through!! Chillllll :))

I hope i can overcome the problems , after the storm comes sunny days!! It's time to get some sleep tonight, gonna go cuddle up with my covers and close my eyes.

Good night, World !!

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