Wednesday, November 18, 2009

kenny Rogers

Finished my 4th paper at 3.40pm.. Actually quite easy thats why i can do it faster and passed up early.Hehe..*proud*
Ailin took 3pm bus back her jeolous !!! Normally im the 1 who always back hometown quickly even 1 day holidays only.But now I need wait until 20 November i sin can back to my warm home and lying on my sweety bed..Grrr...
After exam i straight go Times Square to meet Ginny and Yong Yong.They waiting me at Kenny Rogers and when i reached they already starting to eat their drumsticks (quaters 1/4 chicken meals). Then i take the menu and ordering.I order a chicken wings 1/4 chicken meals,a mushroom soup,a coke.

My Chicken Wings~~Yum~Yum~

Vanila muffins and my coke~~

Mushroom Soup Delight~~

wow... So many foods.. Can i finish it?? Thats time I also dont know I just order and i also no needs worry about the payment because Ginny say she belanja... keke=) Thanks Ginny... Finally the i didnt finished my chicken wings because i found some blood inside the chicken bonds and I hate to eat the food like that,really disgusting!!!
Total the payments=99.00 for 3 person... Wow... Thanks ya...
After eating then we go shopping.. I spent a lot of money and i already out of limit..*sigh*
ermm...i dont know what i bought... LOL
Reached hostel around 8pm and start blogging,facebook and playings Steps ..I need play my Steps now... Bye Bye~

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