Saturday, December 19, 2009


Yesterday was a weird+cute day.Mikey mouse come from Penang and he wanna gives a surprise to Jia Yu. ermm... actually quite excited... Jia Yu'face was frighten when saw that Mikey mouse.. Can you all imagine how was her red face and looks very shy !!! *Laugh widely*

So today im the earliest fellow who wake up and finished prepared to go out-Tomyam. Must bring that Mikey mouse go taste some popular food at Mentakab. He alway complain mentakab food not very delicious but quite big dish laaaa... IF compare with Penang food. *.____.*

Now waiting for my pig.... He always reluctant to get up early and Wan Chen also same pattern with that pig(lppl).. 1more, Wan Chen like to put alarm loudy and never woke up and turn off the alarm,beh tahan..... *Sigh*

I think today must a wonderful day. =)
Enjoy it,please!!! keke....Live ur life crazy....

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