Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Long time didnt post at my blog.. *miss* Here is a good place for me to express my feelings... I love it!!
Mikey and Jia Yu fly away to Penang~~~ and me was come back from Genting . ermm,So far so good... A happy day for Biie and i.xD
I brought my camera go there and i thought i can capture many pictures but my Biie uncooperative!!!! He dislike that!!
So,i just got few pictures only....*Sighhhh*

I don't know what he looking for... !!
Wan Chen face expression so funny...The mee soooo delicious mie??
Machi frens....4ever!! Yeah!

Hope we can always go Be A Star... Waiting~~~Yihooooo.....
You all got found it?? All this photos do not have my face.... You know why??? Because im the camera man...Hehe=)

Yesterday is Winter Solstice Festival but I didnt celebrated at house.. My mom got keeps some ‘TangYuan’ and waiting me back and eat. *Delicious*Yummy~yummy~~~~



You Know that??

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