Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy family


Going back to my roots for my family reunion, was super intense. I love this feeling, felt so warm. I love my mummy and dad , my doggies too. I love you, you love me, we are happy family. For me, my dad is my superhero, number one MAN and also my role model and show me the right way whereas my mummy is superwomen, a great mother, if love is sweet as a flower, then my mummy is that sweet flower of love   I love my life, it's so meaningful, they give me such a perfect life. Thanksgiving for all kinds stuff, i'm blessed to have them in my life. * finger crossed* 

Did you know it??
The second best thing in this world is to see yours parents happy. So, what is the first thing??

that you are the reason of there happiness =)

Sometimes, your parents may not be the perfects one, but they are the perfect gift that God ever given you. Please appreciate it  

To my mummy and dad, i love you and i promise!! One day, i'll make you proud !! *swearing*

P/s : Hey hubby, if you love me, please love my family first. This is the fifth time you came my home town, i know you like it. Hahaha, because we are Happy Family   


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